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Brown Sugar Glazed Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Amazingly delicious with fresh, briny shrimp wrapped in sweet and smoky bacon, topped with a mixture of brown sugar and chili powder, then baked in the oven

Here's what you'll need

1. Preheat oven to 400F, place rack on parchment lined baking sheet & spray with cooking spray.

2. Add brown sugar and chili powder to a bowl and mix.

3. Cut bacon in half and dredge both sides with sugar mixture & arrange in a single layer on rack.

4. Bake for ten minutes until bacon is partially cooked and still pliable; cool for five minutes.

5. Sprinkle salt & lemon pepper over shrimp and wrap each with bacon; secure with toothpick & sprinkle any sugar over top.

6. Bake for another eight minutes until crispy

7. Serve immediately warm from oven or at room temperature and enjoy!!

Tips Raw shrimp are a grayish translucent color. The thickest part should be slightly opaque and have more of a whitish hue when they are done.

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