Medium Brush Stroke

A hint of Creole spice and jalapeños make these homemade crispy bites the perfect snack or side dish bursting with the old-fashioned goodness of corn! 

Ingredients:   Self-rising cornmeal Buttermilk Flour Jalapeños  Egg Creole Seasoning  Peanut Oil

Step 1: Whisk cornmeal, flour and Creole seasoning; then combine in buttermilk, jalapeños, and egg to a thick mixture. Set aside for ten minutes.

Step 2: Heat oil in skillet on med-high to 370F.  1  1/2"  of oil deep to fry or 3/4" oil for pan frying

Step 3: Using a mini ice cream scoop or spoon carefully drop batter balls into hot oil without crowding. 

Step 4:   Move them with a spider or fish turner until golden brown on all sides; about three minutes.

Step 5:  Remove hush puppies and drain on paper towels. 

Step 6: Keep warm in 200F oven until they are all fried and serve while hot! 

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