Smoked Turkey with Herb and Garlic Butter

Smoked Turkey is blanketed in a fresh herb and garlic butter rub and smoked on a Big Green Egg. This is a wonderful choice for Thanksgiving or any occasion where your oven might be space-challenged!


Preheat Smoker and Prep Turkey

Preheat smoker or grill to 350 °F. Remove giblets and pat the turkey dry.

Make the Herb and Garlic Butter Rub

Combine butter, herbs, and garlic. Sprinkle turkey with salt and pepper.

Coat the Turkey with Herb Butter

Rub half of the mixture on the outside of the turkey, and under the skin.

Place the Turkey on Smoker Grill

Insert temperature probes in breast and thigh, without touching bone.

Smoke Turkey with Herb and Garlic Butter

Smoke for 3 hours per 13-15 lbs. Brush with herb butter every 30 minutes.

Check for Doneness and Rest

Internal temp should be 165 °F. Remove and rest the bird for 30+ minutes.

Carve, Serve, and Enjoy the Turkey!

Serve for Thanksgiving or any holiday meal with your favorite side dishes!

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