Southern Crispy Fried Chicken Burgers

Juicy chicken thighs are marinated in buttermilk, seasoned, and deep-fried crispy. Then sandwich between brioche buns with bacon chutney, slaw, and pimento cheese for the best chicken burgers!

Chicken Burger Ingredients

Coleslaw Ingredients

How to Make Crispy Fried Chicken Burgers

Combine buttermilk and hot sauce. Marinate chicken for 30+ minutes.

Meanwhile, make slaw by tossing shredded veggies with the dressing.

Make homemade pimento cheese. See recipe for the full steps!

When ready, combine the dry ingredients to bread the chicken.

Dredge the thighs, shake off excess breading, and place on a wire rack.

Deep fry the chicken in approximately 2" of oil for 8 to 10 minutes.

Assemble burgers with chutney, fried chicken, pimento cheese and slaw.

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